Signing a contract with the EBRD


Corporation Energoresurs-invest signed a loan agreement with the EBRD for $ 3.9 million for the implementation of the project for the reconstruction of the production base of the company to expand the range of products for water supply and sewage systems.


The signing of the agreement was made possible by the positive decision of the audit and acknowledgment of the Corporation’s long-term achievements in the field of development of new technologies, design, production of profile products and a comprehensive list of successfully implemented projects on energy efficiency and environmental protection.

As a result of the modernization of the production base, Energoresurs-invest Corporation will be able to more fully meet the needs of the market in the profile products of the Corporation and offer turn-key solutions for the construction and installation of heating, water preparation and supply systems, as well as wastewater treatment, domestic and technological effluents and savings of rainwater.

As part of the preparation of the agreement, a number of trainings were conducted for the Corporation staff with the involvement of international consultants to optimize the project of modernization, development of non-standard technological equipment and the choice of the main production equipment.


For pre- and post-investment support of the project, EU funds are allocated within the EU4Business program for up to € 200 thousand. The project will use the experience of previous consulting projects aimed at developing a strategic plan and web platform and were also supported within the framework of the project. EU4Business program.


The Corporation’s project will also receive a grant of $ 266,000 under the FINTECC program, which is being implemented in Ukraine since February 2016, and aims at transferring technology in the area of mitigation and adaptation to climate change. As part of a modernization project, these funds will be used to create new equipment for the production of large-scale polymer constructions.

The EBRD is the largest international financial investor in Ukraine. Since its inception in 1993, the Bank has committed itself to providing nearly € 12.1 billion, which has selected about 400 investment projects to support Ukrainian manufacturing companies operating in the field of energy conservation of industrial facilities and communal sphere.